"Maybe one day it’ll go away. Maybe one day I won’t give a fuck about anything."

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I seee, no bad stuff I hope! Haha yeah same, I just couldn't be bothered turning my laptop back on. Anon is safe though :P

i should start watching Dexter, still got like 5 seasons to go haha. well i can promise you that nothing terrible is going to happen if you choose to reveal yourself

I know haha, works though! What stuff are you thinking about? Same here, can't sleep and there's nothing on tv so I'm bored as shit

just life in general and all that’s going on :) i almost never watch tv, netflix is kinda my thing. why are you anon though? show yourself!

What's cookin' good-lookin'?

hahahaha that’s so cheesy :D anyways nothing much, just laying in bed, listening to music, tumblring, thinking about stuff, should probably go to sleep but i’m not tired at all boooo. what’s up with yooou


hi anon!